Saturday, May 30, 2009

Swiss Dots and Fresh Flowers

These were done for a wedding. The bride requested 5 cakes (14,12,10,8 and 6 inch rounds) with a simple bead border and swiss dots. The florest then added the fresh flowers on top of each cake. The topper on the small cake was provided by the bride. The small cake is the one the bride and groom will cut and eat. Two cakes are chocolate with fresh strawberry filling (including the bride and grooms cake) , two are Lemon with fresh raspberry filling, and one is White with chocolate mousse filling.
Congratulations Adam and Stephanie!


  1. Very nice, Dawn! How do you get your BC so smooth?? They look perfect! Another question- do you ever have problems with air bubbles under your fondant? They are going to be the death of me!! I have tried so many different things...

  2. Hey Aly,
    Thank you! As for the buttercream...I use acetate paper to smooth the top. It works great for making the top look nice when you're not going to use a border on top. I usually don't have problems with air bubbles under my fondant. Maybe it's the way you soften it? I use the kneading motion on the mat. I never hold the fondant in the air and pull it apart then back together. That incorporates air in the fondant.
    Hope this helps.
    By the way, I would love to come by sometime and take a lesson from you on the stenciling. Maybe we can trade for a lesson in gumpaste flowers??