Friday, April 24, 2009

Chocolate wrapped cake

Super fun cakes to make! This is a 6" chocolate cake with a mint cream cheese filling. I used melted chocolate (2 different colors) and wrapped the cake with it. Such a treat to eat a delicious, moist cake and then have a little chocolate crunch. Yummy!

There are so many different things you can do with this technique. This is a cake I teach in the intermediate class at Decor Party supply.

Watch for more of these during the holidays!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Comfy Chair

This cake was done using 3 - 8" square cakes. They were stacked, carved and iced with buttercream icing. I covered it with fondant in sections then decorated with fondant circles. The trim is made with a clay gun. The rug is made with royal icing and the book is made with gumpaste. The lamp is made with sugar.

I will be teaching how to make this cake at Decor Party supply on June 9 at 6 pm. It is a 4 week class. The cake is on display at Decor.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cappuccino Chip cupcakes

These are so yummy! Made with white cake mix, coffee and mini chocolate chips. The topping is a Mocha buttercream made with coffee, powderd sugar and shaved german chocolate bar. So moist and rich. I topped them with candy balls and fondant flowers.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Strawberry Lady finger cake

This is a very light and summery cake. I made this for one of my best friends on her birthday. I used three 10 inch round white cakes. The cake is filled with fresh strawberries and bavarian cream. But to lighten up the filling, I mixed the bavarian cream with some whipped topping. The cake is then iced with whipped icing. And lady fingers around the outside. I made chocolate dipped strawberries for garnish on the top along with red chocolate pieces I had made and broke up.

Beach Sandals

These are one of my favorites! A pair of sandals! I used two 1/2 sheet cakes stacked, then cut in half. I carved out the shape for each and covered them in fondant. The straps are made with gumpaste and were made a couple days before to dry. The flowers, and shells are made with fondant. The piping I made with the clay gun. The "labels" on the shoes are happy birthday plaques. One for each of the two birthday girls.

Dad's 80th birthday cake

Easy cake to make. I cut one side and with that, I made the sleeve for the other side. Iced it white buttercream then added a fondant collar and trim. I airbrushed it all blue. All the detail is fondant and buttercream.

Ed Hardy purse cake

I have more hours in this cake than any others, to date. 16 + hours. I used 4 - 1/2 sheet cakes (chocolate with choclate mousse filling) and stacked them, then carved the shape and covered with fondant . All the detail work is done with gumpaste. Everything on the cake I painted by hand except for the skull.


Superbowl helmet! So much fun to make! I used 5 10 inch round cakes and stacked them, then carved the shape. I covered the whole thing with white fondant, then airbrushed the black side. I used edible images for the logos. The face guard and chin strap are all made with gumpaste. I was a little dissapointed that the gray fondant in the middle began to sag during the day. I'm thinking I didn't have enough water behind it and so it didn't attach well. Live and learn!


Two layer cake. Iced with buttercream. The bottom layer is Chocolate cake with Perisian cream filling. The top layer is White cake with strawberry filling. Spidy is made out of melted chocolate. This cake was put together on a special cake stand and pillar. It was very heavy and not easy to transport. The tears and back are made out of fondant.

Baby Airprot

This was a baby shower cake for a friend of mine . I asked her if she wanted something more traditional or "different"? She chose "different". So, since her and her husband are the fun, active type, I decided on this design. I made all of the storks out of royal icing. The little airport building is a pound cake covered with buttercream and decorated with buttercream. The top of the sheet cake is fondant.

Cakes from work

Noahs Arc


Baby shower booties
Mothers Day design

Fondant Purse cake

I wanted to teach my students how to make a purse cake so I made this one to put on display.

I used one 1/2 sheet cake and cut it in thirds. Then I stacked it. I carved the cake the shape that I wanted then iced it with buttercream. I used chocolate fondant and covered the cake in sections. Front, back, sides, then the flap. The handle I made the night before so it could dry. The piping on the sides and the tassel were all made with a clay gun. The pink strips I just cut freehand and put them on with water. I did stitching detail in the handle, flap and corners. I was very happy with how it turned out.