Sunday, November 25, 2012

Angry Birds for Isaac

Lots of fun doing this cake. All the pieces are fondant which I mixed with tylose. Cake is Chocolate with Mint chocolate chip cream cheese filling. YUM!

"Heartist" BBQ

This cake was for my son's band, Heartist. I took it to a 'family-of-the-band-members' BBQ.  Since our boys are leaving for tour Nov. 25, 2012, they wanted the families to get together and get to know each other. It was a great day!

Marcia's birthday

I wanted to try this new technique.  It's a fold and tuck with fondant. The centers are buttons made out of fondant. The entire cake is then dusted with luster dust. Time consuming, but fun.
Happy Birthday Marcia!

Jamie's 28th birthday

Flowers are "fabric flowers". They are made of fondant to look like flowers. All detail is fondant.
Happy Birthday, Daughter!

Choo Choo train cake for Cruz

Sunday, October 21, 2012

St. Jude "Breastival" cancer survivor celebration

This cake was made and donated to the "Breastival" at St. Jude Hospital. It's an event that celebrates breast cancer survivors. I am honored to donate every year.

Silver Anniversary

A very delicate cake for a 25th anniversary. I wanted to match the lavender flower that is on the topper. The cake is stenciled with silver luster dust. I added edible pearls for a final touch.

Under the Sea smash cake and cupcakes

This was for a first birthday for a co-workers' sister. The shells are all made of white chocolate and colored with various shades of luster dusts.

Nancy's 50th Birthday

Nancy really didn't want to turn 50. But she did! And she did it with such grace. I was very happy to do this fun themed cake for her celebration. One of Nancy's favorite things to do is go hiking, so it was very fitting to put her on a mountain surrounded by the things she loves. Everything was edible. It took quite a bit of time getting all the elements made, but when it was all put together, it was fantastic!

Here's to 50 more birthday's, Nancy! XOXO

Charley's First Birthday

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Giraffe Baby Shower cake

This cake was a little bit of a challenge. The Giraffes head was a little tricky, but with the help of a great decorator/friend, Michelle, we pulled it off. The "wood slats" are made of chocolate. Clear bubbles are made with gelatin. A very cool technique I did using balloons. This cake was so much fun to make. Hope I could do another one some day.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bryce's 22nd Birthday

This was a fun cake to do for my Son's 22nd Birthday. He is a singer in a band. (Yes, the name of the band is Heartist). I wanted to make the amp to really resemble a box so I chose to make gumpaste/fondant panels a couple of days in advance so I could get  real nice clean straight sides. 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Kristi and Jeremy's wedding

This was a different cake as far a flavor goes. The top and bottom tiers were both layered white and chocolate cake with hazelnut and bavarian cream filling. The center was Lemon cake with strawberry and cream cheese filling. YUMMY! 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hailey's 2nd Birthday

For Hailey's birthday party, Jamie decided to go with cupcakes this year. And of course #2 cookies. I threw in a little cake. Design was super easy and cute. For the little cake, I used the edible image sheets that are pre-colored.  They worked better than I had hoped. For the lettering, I cut them out using the cricut cake machine. The cookies are covered in fondant and then painted with gel food colors. The top of the cupcakes are done with fondant and edible images.


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Adam's 27th Birthday Fish Cake

I just loved doing this cake! To see it come alive, was so amazing. Next time I do one, I'll post start-to-finish pics. The cake was lemon with buttercream fill. The coloring was done with Luster dusts of different shades. All the accents are made with fondant. The "hooks" are made with chocolate. Everything is edible.
Happy Birthday to my Nephew, Adam. I love you!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Cole's High School Graduation

 This was a fun cake to do. Cole played football for La Habra High School so it was fitting to make his Graduation cake a copy of his helmet. His Mom brought it to the house so I could make it as close to the real thing as I could. Cake was chocolate with buttercream filling.

Sarah's High School Graduation

This was done for a very special young lady. I've known her since she was 4 months old and love her like she's my own. A three tiered topsy-turvy with lots of bling.  I used Nicki Minaj as inspiration for this cake since Sarah loves her! All tiers were filled with cream cheese filling.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Michelle's Surprise Birthday Cake!

This Topsy Turvey cake was done with all of my favorite mediums. The cakes are covered with fondant. The kitty is made out of modeling chocolate (with the help of a friend and a fabulous cake decorator, Michelle, previous owner of Michelle's Cake House in La Habra) and the balls of yarn and strings of yarn are made with Sugar Veil.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Chocolate wrapped cakes

These are chocolate wrapped cakes that I teach in my intermediate classes at Decor Party Supply. I did the blue one to show my students and , boy, did they have fun with this technique!! The other photo is one of my students, Lauren Knight, who did a FABULOUS job with her cakes!

Baby butt for Iris's baby shower

This was for a co-workers baby shower. She wanted a small cake just for herself. The cupcakes were for the guests. Congratulations to Iris and Ryan. She gave birth to her little girl, Savannah, today!

Dan's diaper shower cake

This cake was made for my future son-in-law's "diaper party". They are having a boy! So I surprised Dan with this cake and cookies for his party. 

Carolyn's birthday cake

This was a birthday cake for a friend of mine, Carolyn. The ruffles around the cake were made out of fondant. The flower and butterfly were made from gumpaste.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Jamie's Baby Shower

We went with a dessert bar. Lots of work, but lots of fun!

Shoebox cake for Kristine

Shoebox cake for my Nephews' girlfriend. Shoe, coin purse, earrings, belt and flower are all made out of gumpaste. Cake was chocolate with Bavarian cream filling.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Breast cancer survivor cake

This cake was for Denise, a breast cancer survivor. She LOVES stiletto's and wanted a pink shoe that looked like it was standing in mud. I made two shoes so she could have a choice. I ended up giving them both to her.

Princess Castle cake

This was for a little girl that turned 4. She was, actually, the one that found the cake design on you tube. I did tweak it a bit to be more girly and pretty. I also added the photos of her favorite princess's per her request.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Noah's Arc baby shower cake

First Cake in my new kitchen! It sure felt good to get back to it! This is a Noah's Arc cake complete with gumpaste animals. Two of each. Very fun, time consuming, but fun.